Customized Steel Doors: The Perfect Compromise

Models, colours, glazing, accessories… The aesthetic possibilities for your front and garage doors are almost infinite, even if you opt for steel! Yes, the customization of doors now extends far beyond wood; the steel allows you a wide range of configurations and exclusive add-ons, giving you a final product to your image.

Our team offers you several types of customized options:

• Aluminum batten

Aluminum batten steel door

• Stainless steel batten

Stainless steel batten door

• Glued PVC mouldings

Glued PVC moulding door

In fact, the only limit is your imagination! Our partners provide us with the hardware base, and then we create unique doors for you directly from our factory. It goes without saying that we offer you a 3D rendering of the project before its conception, so that the whole thing meets all your expectations.

The customization of steel doors is the ideal solution when you want an original product to suit your tastes and needs, but your budget may not allow wooden doors, which are often more costly.

Custom steel entrance and garage doors are an excellent compromise, midway between standard steel products—very affordable—and high-quality custom-made wooden doors that are a little less accessible.

Would you like to discuss the different options available to you regarding the transformation of your house’s façade? Our experts are there to guide you through the process of purchasing your new front and garage doors! Don’t hesitate to contact us.