Give your wooden door a second life

Our wooden products are treated with the utmost care. Yet impacts or animals can damage the most resistant finishes. Even the best finishes can deteriorate due to accidents or daily wear and tear.

If wood is slightly damaged, it’s often possible to carry out a simple touch-up to restore its original appearance. However, significant alterations require more complex procedures. The wood must then be stripped, sanded, and re-treated to restore its finish.

Before undertaking any repairs, it is crucial to properly assess the extent of the damage. Inadequate assessment might lead to inappropriate repairs that could further compromise wood structure and appearance.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to contact us prior to initiating any procedure. Simple corrective measures may be sufficient to solve the problem, but we could recommend a more suitable treatment depending on wood condition.

Touching up light scratches or marks left by small impacts can often be done with specialized products that will restore shine and protection to the damaged surface. But for more significant damage such as deep scratches or areas where the varnish is completely gone, a more thorough restoration process is necessary. This involves first removing the damaged varnish layer by stripping the wood, then carefully sanding it to smooth the surface and eliminate any trace of the old varnish. Finally, a re-treatment phase is required, which involves applying a new varnish or protective finish that will bring back the wood to its original appearance while protecting it for the future.

Ensure you get optimal results by contacting us. We are here to assist you and offer the best solution to make your wood look as new.

wooden door repair